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About InsideHIT

InsideHIT® is the first and only website to offer a personalized Healthcare IT (HIT) news and information service for HIT professionals.

Now, instead of looking through countless websites, magazines, newspapers, and search engines to find the HIT news you need to succeed, you can select the HIT news and information on only the topics you care about. Many of us receive dozens of emails daily offering us the same generalized, impersonal news. There simply isn’t time to find the news we really want to see, or the time to read and absorb it.

Who we are…

Choose the HIT news you need.

Choose the news you want to see and InsideHIT will aggregate, filter, curate, and present only the news that’s important to you in one place - on your “My InsideHIT News” page.

Executive summaries from our expert curators.

Our expert curators select, analyze, and summarize the most important news articles, so you’ll know whether it’s worth your time before you read it. They also provide links to related articles and white papers.

Your news. Your way.

It’s simple. You choose your news. We deliver it daily. And you gain industry insight and industry intelligence. Instead of wasting time wading through news you don’t need or care about.

A focused community of peers.

You’re a HIT professional. We’re HIT professionals. Our curators are HIT professionals. Our member subscribers are HIT professionals. When you join InsideHIT, you’re joining a community of peers with whom you can connect, converse, learn and grow. You can comment on articles, discuss the news of the day, check in with friends, get the inside story.